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Water World Colorado, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2024

Longing for an epic summer getaway? Dip the whole family to a world of fun and water at Water World Colorado. The park features the largest variety of attractions in America, from Wally World for the tots, to Voyage to the Center of the Earth, the ultimate family water adventure. Water World has more family tube rides than any other park in America. Water World offers rides that range from steep slippery slides to raft rides down the "Lazy River." The wave pool is ideal for wading, and Wally World, with geysers and shallow water slides, is a perfect water introduction for young ones.

Explore and experience notable attractions such as the Screamin' Mimi, a ride where guests ride board-type vehicles down a roller coaster like track. Be thrilled with The Space Bowl, Revolution and Storm, which includes lighting and sound effects.

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Water World Colorado Coupons and
Season Pass Details for 2024

2024 Water World Colorado Splash Pass



General Admission (48" +): $119.99

Child (40"-47"): $114.99

Big Kahuna Pass with Early Entry and Monday-Thursday Splash Pass are also available.

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2024 Water World Colorado Promotions & Discounts

Wendy's: Stop by your local Wendy's location in the Month of July and receive a $6 off coupon!

Water World Diet Pepsi Offer: Bring an empty Diet Pepsi can to our front gate coupon center and save $8 in May/June and $6 the rest of the summer!!

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