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Zoo Atlanta, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2024

This Zoo is one of the oldest in the country, its multi-million dollar renovation turned it into an extraordinary site for animals. Its landscaping replicates the natural habitats of the numerous animals, some of which are endangered species. The Zoo offers memorable close encounters with more than thousands of animals from around the world. Two panda bears from China delight the crowds, and groups of gorillas separated by moats do their own share of entertaining.

They offer new up-close-and-personal experiences.  The zoo participates in breeding programs, many of them focusing on endangered species, and is home to endangered animals that include black rhinos, Sumatran orangutans, 19 western lowland gorillas, two African elephants, two Komodo monitors, and big-mouthed African dwarf crocodiles.

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2024 Zoo Atlanta Membership

Membership Levels:

Companion: $99.00

Family: $119.00

Adventure Pack: $30.00 (Added to Companion/Family Rate)

Basic Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited FREE daytime admission 363 days a year
  • 10% off admission for accompanying guests
  • Discounted admission to select ticketed Zoo events
  • Discounted Gift Memberships and Animal Sponsorships

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