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Darien Lake Theme Park


9993 Alleghany Rd, Darien Center, NY 14040, United States



Darien Lake Theme Park, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2024

This summer, Darien Lake invites you to get away together with your family. The park has some unique and thrilling flats to complement a popular coaster. Also, all the water rides have the potential to leave you drenched. Spend some time and reconnect with those that are closest to you.

A true destination resort, Darien Lake is as much about its huge campground, Lodge on the Lake hotel, Performing Arts Center amphitheater, and full-service restaurants, as it is about its roller coasters, water park, rides, and other more typical park features. That's not to imply that the coasters aren't up to speed; Ride of Steel is among the best anywhere. But Darien Lake attracts a lot of vacationers, and the laid-back vibe is noticeably different than many theme parks.

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Darien Lake Theme Park Coupons and
Season Pass Details for 2024

2024 Darien Lake Theme Park Season Pass


Standard Season Pass: $74.99


  • Unlimited admission to Amusement & Water Park
  • Free Season-Long parking
  • 3 Free Tickets for friends & family
  • 2024 Coupon book filled with savings

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Coca-Cola Season Pass: $84.99


  • 2024 Refillable collector's mug
  • Unlimited refills on al Coca-Cola fountain products all season long
  • Unlimited admission to Amusement & Water Park

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